Dear all,

As informed by Dr. Yesha, we @ UMBC are working on provisioning virtual nodes 
from the POWER7 blade. And, I wanted to update regarding the restrictions that 
I have come across in achieving the same.

Virtualization with RedHat EL (RHEL) is not possible on POWER7 -

1. Latest version of RHEL - version 5 for power systems uses kernel version 
2.6.18. However, KVM is only supported on kernels 2.6.24 or later.
2. Virtualization support in RHEL is available only under the x86 

The only way, is to make use of PowerVM (an IBM product). I spoke to the IBM  
Customer representative and he confirmed that the only way to perform 
virtualization on POWER is to make use of PowerVM. However, VCL does not have 
support for provisioning over PowerVM. I would like to know if it would be 
feasible to procure PowerVM and integrate it with the VCL framework. Please let 
us know your comments regarding the same.


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