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It was really just a convention we picked for the affiliations - to have a 
single "word" in all caps with no delimiters.  Part of the reasoning for that 
was to distinguish them from email addresses as you suggested.  I don't really 
remember other reasons, but I don't think that was the only one.  Having 
amherst.edu translate to AMHERST matched the other affiliations we already had 
better than doing AMHERSTEDU; so, that's what we went with.


On Tuesday October 04, 2011, Aaron Coburn wrote:
> Hello,
> I have configured our VCL instance to support five different affiliations
> (in addition to Local and Global), each of which uses Shibboleth to
> authenticate. Everything works smoothly, but I'm wondering why the default
> configuration removes the .edu from the corresponding Shibboleth attribute
> (eppn) in order to construct the affiliation name? (See around line
> 113-116 in shibauth/index.php) The result is that group affiliation lists
> look like this:
> user1@AMHERST
> user3@SMITH
> etc.
> Similarly, groups might look like this:
> admin@AMHERST
> chemistry@HAMPSHIRE
> math@SMITH
> math@UMASS
> etc.
> Was the intention simply to distinguish the user and group lists from
> actual email addresses? Clearly, the VCL user/group name + affiliation
> would not always map cleanly to a real email address, but I was wondering
> if there was any other reason for this choice.
> Thanks,
> Aaron Coburn
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