Dear all,

Can VCL isolate virtual machines traffic from on another?

I.e.: have "vm1" reserved and in an active session by one user.

       another "vm2" also reserved and in an active session by user 2

So how can one prevent user1 from seeing user2's traffic completely? For 
example, if used the Windows net view command not to show vm2, not be able to 
ping vm2 or vice versa, and even if a network sniffer (Cain, WireShark and the 
like) to be deployed not to be able to discover vm1 or any vms used by other 

Also is it possible for a single user to reserve and use more then one machine 
simultaneously on a form of a single group? i.e: vm1 being a windows server 
2008, vm2 being a windows win7 (client) in which a student can reserve and use 
both machine to practice setting up the windows server as a domain controller 
with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and so on then join win 7 to the domain..

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