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Line 40 is an eval statement that executes the javascript handed back from the 
AJAX call.  Most likely, there is an error that is being printed instead of 
the normal output; so, the content is not actually javascript.

Can you install the Firebug add-on to Firefox and see what the actual data 
being handed back is?  After installing it, open Firebug, look at the Console 
tab, and try creating a new site maintenance window.  Then, expand the new 
line that is added to the console to see what was returned.

One thing to check is that the user your web server process runs as has write 
access to the vcl/.ht-inc/maintenance directory.


On Wednesday November 02, 2011, Waldron, Michael H wrote:
> I was trying to test the Site Maintenance feature on my VCL test system,
> and I get the following error when I click Create Site Maintenance after
> filling in the fields:
> AJAX Error: missing ; before statement
> Line 40 in
> https://mysite_url/js/sitemaintenance.js<https://vcltest.its.unc.edu/js/si
> temaintenance.js>
> This is VCL 2.2.1 by the way.
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