Hi All,

I would  like to introduce new VCL provisioning module for IBM SmartCloud
Provisioning (formerly IBM Service Agility Accelerator for Cloud (ISAAC) or
High Scale Low Touch (HSLT)) in VCL.

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning is a true IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service)
solution that can reduce costs and offer near-zero downtime and automated
recovery. This provides new solution that provides quick cloud deployment
and features automated provisioning, parallel scalability and integrated
fault tolerance to increase operational efficiency and respond to user
needs. It also provides the foundation to integrate more advanced cloud
capabilities such as cloud service management capabilities.

For more detail information about IBM SmartCloud Provisioning, please visit
the following website.

To take the advantages of the advanced features in IBM SmartCloud
Provisioning, I write the new VCL provisioning module called hslt.pm (hslt
stands for high scale low touch and is the former name of IBM SmartCloud
Provisioning). The new module can use the fast cloud deployment feature to
achieve the fast reservation. This can be achieved by making paths (i.e.,
copying links of images) to the virtual machine images in storage nodes
instead of coping images from original directory to instance directory in
NFS systems. For the detailed information about this module, please visit
the Apache VCL jira issues (VCL-537) on
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/VCL. I will keep update the issue if

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. Thank you.

Best regards,
Young Hyun Oh
IBM, Tivoli CTO Technology and Architecture

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