Hi Andy --

I have one XP image (created w/ 512MB RAM).  I created two VM "computers,"
one with only 256MB RAM.  Two reservations of the image started on each of
the two VMs -- but VCL created two identical 512MB VMs on ESXi, and started
the image on both.

If there's a hard-coded minimum RAM of 512MB, that would explain what I'm
seeing.  Does that sound correct?

If I create a new base image with 1024MB RAM, will VCL deploy it on a VM
"computer" with only 512MB?


> 1) By the scheduler to locate a computer that meets the requirements
> set in the image profile.  This is the same for VMs and bare-metal
> computers.  If your VM is set to 256 MB and your image is set to 512
> MB, reservations for that image shouldn't be scheduled on that VM.  Is
> this what you're seeing?  If so then there's a problem with the
> scheduling code.

> 2) By the provisioning module to construct a VM.  The RAM and CPU
> values for the image are normally used.  If your image is set to 1 GB
> RAM and your computer is set to 2 GB, the VM will have 1 GB.
> There are a few caveats.  There is a hard-coded minimum RAM value of
> 512 MB.  This is done to prevent unusable VMs from being created if
> the image profile RAM setting is set to 0 or a very low value.  If
> your computer is set to 1 GB and your image is set to 256 MB, the VM
> will be assigned 512 MB.  There are other RAM minimums higher than 512
> MB depending on the OS of the image being loaded.  I don't recall all
> of them off hand but for example I believe 32-bit Windows 7 is 1 GB,
> etc.

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