Hi, Guys,

The web front-end to the VCL has a "testsetup.php" script that tests a variety 
of server settings so that the web code is easier to install.

I am wondering if there might be interest in building a similar facility into 
the vcld -setup script. It seems that many of the questions posed on this (and 
the users') list relate to misconfigured networks and/or provisioning module 
components. Clearly, the vcld logfile captures all of this, but even that is 
often turned over to the list for interpretation. This could be a sort of 'dry 
run' image capture.

So here is a stab at what might be useful for such a script to check. My list 
will be biased heavily in favor of the VMware provisioning modules, because 
that's what we use in our installation. And I am assuming that the output would 
be something easy to understand.

1. can vcld get an IP address from a vmhost 'short name'
2. can vcld get an IP address from a given computer 'short name' 
3. can vcld reach to the running VM(s)
4. can vcld reach to the VM host
5. can vcld transfer a file to/from the vm host
6. if the image library is enabled, is that accessible

1. is cygwin installed and sshd running (for Windows)
2. can vcld login successfully
3. does the computer have network access
4. do the computer's MAC addresses match what is expected in the database

VM Host:
1. can vcld login to the vm host
2. are the paths listed in vmprofile available in the vmhost infrastructure
3. are certain utilities and/or commands available to vcld from inside the 
vmhost (i.e. copy virtual disk, create a vm, etc.)

etc, etc.



Aaron Coburn
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Academic Technology Services, Amherst College
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