Good afternoon to all --

I'm bringing up a production VCL installation with two ESXi servers.  I
decided to assign all the odd-numbered VMs to *ESXi A*, and all the
even-numbered VMs to *ESXi B*.  When I started a quantity of simultaneous
reversions (all using the same image), this is what happened:

ESXi A: nothing
ESXi B: VM 2, VM 4, VM 6, VM 8, VM 10 ...

VCL had started up all even-numbered computers.

Thinking there was a problem with vcld communicating to *ESXi A*, I
reassigned ALL of the VMs to* ESXi A* -- I wanted to ensure that *A* could
even receive/make a reservation at all.  When I ran the same test again, *ESXi
A* did take the reservations (yay), but now I see:

ESXi A: VM 1, VM 2, VM 3 ...

In this case, VCL started the machines up in serial order.

I'm trying to spread the load across both ESXi servers, but I need some
help interpreting what's happening here...

Many thanks,

*Mike Haudenschild*
Education Systems Manager
Longsight Group
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