Good evening, dev team --

I started seeing AJAX errors accessing VCL pages out of the blue today.  I
changed the domain serving VCL and added the appropriate SSL certs, but
when this problem occurred I rolled those changes back.  Even after rolling
back the changes (I'm back to my original domain and SSL config) I'm still
getting numerous AJAX errors:

- entering the "new reservation" page
- when the "current reservations" page attempts to auto-refresh when a
request is pending

AJAX Error: syntax error
Line 42 in

AJAX Error: syntax error
Line 14 in

- attempting to delete a block allocation

AJAX Error: syntax error
Line 58 in

- creating a new block allocation

Any guidance would be appreciated.


*Mike Haudenschild*
Education Systems Manager
Longsight Group
(740) 599-5005 x809

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