Hi Guys,

I'd like for us to set a plan/goal for the 2.3 release.

How does end of March sound?

My thoughts are we identify which features and jira issues need to be
completed and start the process.

Features to include:
* I think we want to include Aaron C's work on the vcenter modules.
Aaron how do you feel on this?
* The kvm work Andy has added
* vote on putting back in the esxthin.pm module - one of our community
members was using this heavily but we have no way to test it.
* access methods
* server loads - base line code, more improvements would be developed
this Spr/Sum
* Jim O'Dells work on OSX provisioning. I've looked through the code
and it looks good, but I didn't have a way to test it yet. - Jim your

Things we exclude:
- cluster reservations improvements.
- jira issues that require large amounts of work at this time


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