Good morning, dev team --

I've been troubleshooting slow SSH connection times (lots of lag between
the management node and VMs running Cygwin, slow provisioning).  I found
that my XP 32-bit VMs were using the VMWare default network adapter.  I'd
specified the E1000 when creating the original image per the docs, but of
course VCL only brings over the VMDK and the generic VMWare adapter is
assigned when the VM boots via VCL.

Waiting for XP to "find new hardware" is definitely contributing to my slow
startup times, but since I'll eventually have a variety of 32- and 64-bit
Windows and Linux guest OSs in VCL I thought I would ask which network
adapters should be assigned to which operating systems.  I read a passing
mention in the listserv archive that VCL assigned different adapters to
different architectures [1].



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