Hi Mike,

Here's my response to the vcl-user list thread - just a followup for others
that may not be subscribed to vcl-user.

Just as a heads up, in the 2.3 release we're adding support to define
connection methods on a per image/OS basis.

We have a lot of the code work done and it's fairly stable in the
See VCL-30 and VCL-526

The basic flow would be to start the service and open the defined port in
the OS level firewall.


On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 2:52 PM, Mike Haudenschild <m...@longsight.com>wrote:

> Afternoon, dev team --
> I'm curious if there is any effort already underway to support full (GUI)
> Linux desktops?  I'd like to be able to provide a completely open-source
> experience to a relatively non-technical end-user.
> A couple folks on the vcl-user list have used both SSH with X-11 packet
> forwarding and RDP, but I was wondering what thoughts you might have on how
> to approach developing the support.  I thought it might be relatively easy
> to add a variant of the "download this RDP file" approach for Linux
> desktops, if an RDP server was already installed on the image.
> Thanks & regards,
> Mike
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