Definitely doable.

Also might be worth doing it within a ESXi server. Nested hypervisor -
possibly a bit better control on which networks are visible.

With the connection methods in the next release, you could define
vsphere client as the connection method.

Aaron P.

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 1:33 PM, Dmitri Chebotarov <> wrote:
> Hi, All
> Is it posible to add ESXi 4.1 image to VCL, so users can make reservation
> for ESXi 4.1 server?
> May be someone else already has it working…. May be there is separate module
> for ESXi support?
> I have configured xCAT/VCL and I'm able to reload a blade with ESXi 4.1
> using kickstart script via Manage Computers.
> But when a user makes reservation for ESXi 4.1 - it fails. So far it fails
> for two reasons - no Public interface and cannot create user on ESXi hosts.
> VCL is using module and ESXi doesn't support it.
> Thanks.
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