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*Translation help needed*

This is a development related issue, but I thought there may be people that 
are only on the vcl-user list that may be interested in helping.

Yesterday, I checked in changes to the web code for JIRA issue VCL-485 which 
allows for the web code to display in different locales for all the parts of 
the site that a basic user would see.  The basis for this code and some 
initial translation work was contributed by Toru Yokoyama.  The 
multilingualization will be included in VCL 2.3.  I decided not to do the 
whole site to help in getting 2.3 out earlier, and doing the basic parts of 
the site will cover a large percentage of people using the site.

I wrote up a page explaining how to add a new locale to VCL:


What I need right now is to have people contribute some translations files 
that can be included in the 2.3 release.  The simplest way to do this is to 
look under "Obtaining necessary files" on the above page.  Then, download the 
individual files, add the translations to them, and attach your new files with 
the translations to the JIRA VCL-485 issue at


If you really do not want to create an account on the JIRA site, you can 
attach the files to an email to this list or send them to me directly.

Toru contributed translation for Japanese and Chinese for VCL 2.2.  I added 
any changes needed for the differences in VCL 2.2 and 2.3 for Japanese using 
Google translate.  So, it would be great if someone can review it and make 
appropriate changes.  I included the Chinese Toru contributed for 2.2, but did 
not add anything for changes introduced by 2.3.

Please note that anyone can contribute translations!  You do *not* need to 
have an ICLA on file for this.

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