Hello Brian,

Hope your doing well.

In case your not monitoring the Apache VCL mailing lists. We are in
the process of applying for graduation to a Top-Level Apache project.

As part of the process, we as a community are identifying the list of
committers that will move forward when we graduate. Many of the
initial project committers listed on the incubator project status page
will not be moving, since they have not contributed.

You had contributed work early on in the project, with your last
contribution in 2009. This puts you in a position where it is not
clear if you would like to continue to participate in the project.

Let us know your intentions. Do you plan to become more active in the
community to retain your committer level access or should we assume
you are not interested in the continuing with the project?

Either way we would welcome you or wish you the best on your endeavors.

Best Regards,

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On May 18, 2012, at 10:06 AM, Andy Kurth wrote:

> I have created a Confluence page which we can use to work out the
> board resolution:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/VCL/Graduation+Board+Resolution
> Once we are comfortable with the resolution, one of the PPMC members
> will propose it on the general incubator list.  The areas we need to
> work on are in bold.  We need to define the project description and
> scope.  I wrote this as "dynamically provisioning and brokering remote
> access to compute resources".  Thoughts?
> Please check the list of initial members to make sure I didn't leave
> anyone out.  This list includes both PPMC members and committers,
> correct?  If we are in agreement that the list will be the committers
> after graduation, should the status file be changed now?

It would be good to list all current "committers" who aren't on this
list. From a quick scan, it looks like bmbouter made some commits in
2009 and isn't included. Which is OK. But from my experience, best to
be explicit on these matters, and discuss the criteria used to
determine the list. Make sure you're including documentation
contributions and mailing list discussions etc.

Alan said he'd follow the project to help insure a smooth graduation.
So, I'd add him. You can leave me on the list, also.

No. Don't change status file. Technically, that would require a vote…

> The PPMC members also need to appoint a chair for the project.  I
> would be willing to do this.  Anyone else interested?

I"m happy with the choice of the community.

> Also, 2 more issues regarding the status file:
> The stock bullets under "Project info" should be removed.
> The description is currently "VCL is a management framework for
> building, dispensing and managing virtual machine images across a set
> of bare metal machines or systems with an installed virtual machine
> hypervisor."  I don't think this is quite accurate.  How about "VCL is
> a modular cloud computing platform which dynamically provisions and
> brokers remote access to compute resources."?

I'll look at details of the text later… May be next week...


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