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Recently, the idea of maintaining a copy of the Dojo Toolkit in the subversion 
repository has been brought up.  I've avoided maintaining dojo in subversion 
both to keep the repo a little cleaner and to avoid the problem of ending up 
with an old copy in there that never gets updated.  However, the decision to 
have it in the repo is really up to the community - not just up to me.  Would 
others prefer for it to be there?  Not having it there requires the extra step 
of downloading it from another location and installing it if you want to try 
to install VCL from subversion.  This only takes a few minutes, but it is 
still a few extra steps.

Additionally, installing VCL from subversion may or may not work, depending on 
the state of development.  We don't typically check in things that are 
unfinished, causing trunk to be broken, but there's always the possibility of 
that happening.

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