When a user has image creation priveleges, installing a new app in an
existing image is a normal task.  This can be done in either create a
new image mode or update an image mode - they both work in the same way
with respect to installing a new app.

  One gets started with the base image open in a Windows RDP session,
and what follows is similar to installing an app on one's local computer
- but there are a few gotchas.

  If the new app is to be installed from the web - downloaded and
installed, the procedure is identical to a local installation.  Once the
new app is installed, the file (package) which was downloaded and from
which the installation worked should be deleted from the image.  This is
to keep the image size from being increased.  The file should be moved
to the trash/recycle-bin, and then the trash should be emptied.  This is
covered in the FAQ.

  The larger the image, the slower it loads and the more disk space it
takes up - so it is good practice to delete these unneeded files.

  Often one has the CD or DVD from which the app is to be installed.

  For a local install, just put the disk in the local drive and the
installation will probably start automatically.

  For a remote install into the VC, putting the disk in the local drive
(a necessary first step in installation) will probably start an
automatic installation *in the local computer*!  Whoops - that's not
what was wanted.

  So stop the local installation, and proceed to remote installation.

  There are several alternative methods - which will be discussed next.
--henry schaffer

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