Installing an app into a VCL image can be done, in theory, from
install media on the user's local computer.

  With the CD in the local computer, use the VCL computer (in the RDP
window) to show that disk and then double-click the install item (in the
usual manner.)

  This works for small installs - but for large installs (in terms of
file sizes) the install procedure working through the RDP protocol is
too slow, leading to timeouts and eventually a failure to install.

  A fall back is to move the install material to the VCL computer via
scp or whatever.  This eliminates the handling by the RDP protocol, but
leaves on at the mercy of the local LAN/WAN connection.  (My RoadRunner
account at home has asymmetric service.  Download is fast - usually I
get 2-4 Mbps.  Upload is restricted to 240-380 Kbps.)

  So for large installs such as a reasonably full CD, and always for a
DVD, the most straightforward method is to put that material on a disk
which is local to the VCL (e.g. on the enterprise storage to which the
VCL is attached) and then proceed with the install.

  In my experience this works extremely well, and avoids mountains of

--henry schaffer

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