Josh writes:
> ... 
> Local drives can be mapped using rdesktop.  ...

  Great!  I'm going to try this out.  It's a major assist in capability
to those users who get to the VCL via a local Linux computer.

  Perhaps in the future this very small segment of the user community
will grow due to economic pressures and also since the Linux user
interface has been improving year by year.

  I used to use Linux a lot, however more and more I use my OS X Mac
because it gives me a unix base plus a IMHO wonderful user interface.
Since I can get the Microsoft RDP for OS X, I tend to stay with my Mac.

  I can afford to pay for this - i.e. economic pressures aren't driving
my decision.

  But many people aren't that insulated from economic pressures.  A
Linux "netbook" would provide a very low cost combination of local
machine capabilities with a VCL access capability.

--henry schaffer

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