We are having an issue getting the VCL working.  It appears to be
logging into our NAS/NFS box and issuing 'cp' commands and copying the
VM files from 'golden' to 'inuse'.  After the files finish copying, we
get an error, ' Virtual Machine TECS-ESX-4600-2 not found' (as seen
below).  The "TECS-ESX-4600-2" is an ESX Host, which VCL seems to
reference correctly as a host some times, as seen in this line,
"--server 'TECS-ESX-4600-2'".  Though right after that, it shows,
"--vmname TECS-ESX-4600-2".   I am not sure how it got in the system as
BOTH a server AND a VM.

We are using the virtual appliance 2.1, downloaded via the wiki site.  I
did a search of the database for TECS-ESX-4600-2 and it only shows up in
tables for logs and in the 'computername' table, which seems to make
sense.  I grepped the following directories (recursively) for TECS-ESX:

grep "TECS-ESX" -R /var/www/html
´╗┐grep "TECS-ESX" -R /opt/vcl
´╗┐grep "TECS-ESX" -R /etc

Nothing significant turned up.


2009-05-14 17:43:15|6423|34:34|new|utils.pm:insertloadlog(5324)|inserted
computer=1, info, computer state updated to reloading
2009-05-14 17:43:15|6423|34:34|new|esx.pm:load(171)|Entered ESX module,
loading esx3-linuxtest-v0 on TECS-ESX-4600-2 (on TECS-ESX-4600-2) for
reservation 34
2009-05-14 17:43:15|6423|34:34|new|esx.pm:load(183)|VM info
command: /usr/lib/vmware-viperl/apps/vm/vminfo.pl --server
'TECS-ESX-4600-2' --vmname TECS-ESX-4600-2 --username vcl --password
2009-05-14 17:43:23|6423|34:34|new|esx.pm:load(186)|VM info output:
Virtual Machine TECS-ESX-4600-2 not found.2009-05-14 17:43:23|6423|
34:34|new|utils.pm:run_ssh_command(6695)|executing SSH command on|6423|34:34|new| rm -rf /mnt/vcl/inuse/TECS-ESX-4600-2

Any help would be appreciated.


John Jones
East Carolina University
College of Technology and Computer Science
Science and Technology Bldg. Suite 100
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
252-737-1940, Fax 252-328-4250

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