We are looking at possibly using VCL for our implementation of an 
Academic Computing Environment. I've read up on the needs and viewed some 
of the demos provided on the list, very helpful. I wanted to get a sense 
of the TCO that NCState or other Universities are taking onboard with the 
kind of usage capacity that it provides (with virtualization). We are 
initially not wanting to concern ourselves with owning the hardware piece 
of this and looking to host that either with a provider (providing the 
actual hardware/blades) or preferably using a Cloud vendor such as Amazon 
or NetApp using Citrix or NetApp.
        What I'm looking to get a sense of is the throughput you are 
currently enjoying for the hardware used to provide that throughput (using 
HyperV), say for example you are using 100 blades using virtualization can 
getting a throughput of 1,000 concurrent connections, or whatever the 
numbers are.

Thank you for your time

Jason Rowley
Walden University

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