Hello friendly and knowledgable VCL users. I've been tasked with setting up a demonstration VCL service using a small cluster we had kicking around - basically a bunch of towers and a network. I have the cluster's head node up and running with the VCL database, web server and management node software (and I'm pretty proud I got *that* far). I'm now looking at, uh, everything else.

As a demo of the basic functions available with VCL, I thought it might be easiest to forego xCAT and/or VMware, and simply set things up to broker access to already-imaged machines. The documentation page (http://cwiki.apache.org/VCL/documentation.html) mentions this, but this part of the docs don't seem to be developed yet. And poking around trying to figure it out myself has brought me to a dead-end.

Can anyone give me some pointers, or hints, or encouragement, to help me out?

Kind regards,
Terry McGuire


Terry McGuire
Junior Analyst, Research Support Group
Academic Information & Communication Technologies (AICT)
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  T6G 2H1
Phone:  780-492-9422

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