Have you checked to see if the image is in the correct group/mapping yet?  You 
need to go to image grouping and put the image in the correct group.  Then you 
go to Image Mapping and make sure that that image group is mapped to your 
actual servers.  Otherwise you will get a selection not currently available 
error.  This is all done from the "Manage Images" section from an admin account.
Aaron or Josh at NCSU may better know the issue if that isn't the problem 
you're having.
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From: Kelly Robinson []
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 8:50 AM
Subject: VCL Reservation Problem

How do you get VCL to allow an image to be requested?  I've added the image to 
the database and would now like to request it through the web interface, 
however when you click "New Reservation" and select the image from the drop 
down menu, it gives a message that states "Selection Not Currently Available".

I've tried to manually insert a request into the database using the following 
sql statements, however the vcld.log gives error messages stating that the 
image already exists in the repository.  What am I missing?

INSERT INTO `vcl`.`request` (
`id` ,
`stateid` ,
`userid` ,
`laststateid` ,
`logid` ,
`forimaging` ,
`test` ,
`preload` ,
`start` ,
`end` ,
`daterequested` ,
'1' , '16', '1', '16', '', '1', '0', '0', NOW( ) , TIMESTAMPADD(MINUTE, 120, 
NOW()), NOW( ) , NULL

INSERT INTO `vcl`.`reservation` (
`id` ,
`requestid` ,
`computerid` ,
`imageid` ,
`imagerevisionid` ,
`managementnodeid` ,
`remoteIP` ,
`lastcheck` ,
NULL , '1', '2', '7', '7', '1', NULL , NULL , NULL


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