Hello Mark,

Apologies for the delayed response. I've put up an initial doc on creating a linux base image.

Please review and let me know if it makes sense. Also note in a future release we are planning to streamline the capture of a node so one doesn't have to insert data directly into the database.


--On November 11, 2009 3:48:01 PM -0500 Mark Gardner <m...@vt.edu> wrote:

I have created an Ubuntu base image that will have software installed on
top of it. I have gone through the steps of creating a new entry in the
database (patterned after the "Create a Windows Base Image" page of the
wiki), but I don't know where to put the image for the VCL software to
find it. In other words, the wiki page only describes the creation of
theĀ image and how to configure the database, not how to get the VCL
software to find it and incorporate it. How is that done?
Mark Gardner

Aaron Peeler
OIT Advanced Computing
College of Engineering-NCSU

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