Miami University has started a pilot project to look at the VCL software, and 
I'm looking for resources to help the project team with this.  At this point, 
the technical people have gotten the VCL software installed, and are working to 
connect it to VMWare and build an initial image.  They are struggling a bit 
with some gaps in the documentation, so suggestions about getting this setup 
would be appreciated.

  The other questions we have at this point are about licensing.  We have 
started to talk to some of our software vendors about whether our license 
allows us to use the VCL to give students access to software, and we are 
getting a lot of interesting answers.  Our software licensing manager would be 
interested in getting in touch with people in similar positions at schools that 
have implemented a VCL to compare notes, etc. so contact info for anyone that 
helped sort out licensing details would also be appreciated.



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