Thanks for the info - I've asked my technical people to post their questions 
to the list.

  I'll offer two quick comments on the wiki documentation - one is that some 
pages like appear to be 
blank, but selecting "Show Children" shows more detail.  Also, on there is a section 
on "configuring /etc/rc.local for loading on different nodes..." with a bullet 
point that says "Copy the following to /etc/rc.local", but nothing follows.

  For licensing, we do find that it takes some work to explain the VCL concept 
to software vendors, but they generally understand it.  The problem we are 
finding is that some vendors want to make a distinction based on the machine 
that a user accesses the VCL from.  If it's from a university owned machine 
that is usually not a problem.  However, in the case of a student using a 
personal machine to access the VCL, vendors are telling us that is only allowed 
if we buy student licenses (or similar) - which generally means a lot more 
money.  This includes software that is available in the NC State VCL, so our 
licensing manager would be interested in comparing licensing details to 
understand how other schools have dealt with licensing issues.


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If you can have your technical people explain the problems they are 
encountering, we'll be happy to help work through the issues.  It would also 
be helpful to know where the documentation isn't clear so that we can improve 

I'll give a shot at the licensing question.  Hopefully, someone else that's 
dealt with it more can answer better.  I know the people dealing with 
licensing here at NCSU have run into difficulty with software vendors because 
it can be difficult to explain what VCL is and how it delivers apps to 
students.  But, once the software vendors really understand VCL, they're 
usually quite happy with their software being delivered with it (but not all 
of them).  Many software vendors work with academic institutions to get 
students exposure to their software so that it results in more use in 
industry.  VCL allows their software to be exposed to more students, but 
provides better access control to it, which they usually like.  It also 
prevents students from using the software once they have left the academic 
institution (assuming their login credentials are revoked), which is not 
always the case if the software gets installed on a students personal 


On Wednesday May 19, 2010, Woods, David M. Dr. wrote:
> Hi,
>   Miami University has started a pilot project to look at the VCL software,
>  and I'm looking for resources to help the project team with this.  At this
>  point, the technical people have gotten the VCL software installed, and
>  are working to connect it to VMWare and build an initial image.  They are
>  struggling a bit with some gaps in the documentation, so suggestions about
>  getting this setup would be appreciated.
>   The other questions we have at this point are about licensing.  We have
>  started to talk to some of our software vendors about whether our license
>  allows us to use the VCL to give students access to software, and we are
>  getting a lot of interesting answers.  Our software licensing manager
>  would be interested in getting in touch with people in similar positions
>  at schools that have implemented a VCL to compare notes, etc. so contact
>  info for anyone that helped sort out licensing details would also be
>  appreciated.
>  Thanks!
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