I'm finally past the error message of set_provisioner not found thanks
to a very generous help of a user off the list.
I re-dropped my entire database and re-traced my step each way.

The computerid I had was off. It should point to the image trying to
be captured.


On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 4:33 PM, Andy Kurth <> wrote:
> I'm going to combine this thread with the "Re: VCL-2.1 (set_provisioner not
> found)" thread since they both seem to be at the same point.  I'm also
> sending this to vcl-dev in case some people aren't on the vcl-user list.
> Roger, congrats on getting bare metal installs working.  That's usually the
> hard part.
> Sorry for the lack of VMware base image documentation.  We have a lot of
> work to do here.  Several people have had trouble with VMware base image
> creation.  The first thing I would do before attempting to capture a VMware
> base image is to make a backup copy of the VM files in a separate directory.
>  Make sure you back up the vmx and vmdk files.  It's possible something
> could go wrong during the capture which will cause the files to be deleted.
>  Upcoming code improvements should prevent this from happening and make base
> image creation much easier.
> From the error posted in the last message in the other thread, I looks like
> the VM is not assigned to a VM host:
> |18387|6:5|image| ---- WARNING ----
> |18387|6:5|image| 2010-05-22
> 13:35:52|18387|6:5|image||corresponding
> data has not been initialized for get_vmhost_profile_datastore_path:
> $self->request_data->{reservation}{5}{computer}{vmhost}
> {vmprofile}{datastorepath}
> This error is generated because it is attempting to retrieve the value in
> the database of computer.vmhostid for the VM.  This id is then used to query
> the vmhost and vmprofile tables to retrieve the VM host configuration
> including the datastore path.
> I'm a bit confused about which computers you're using for your VM host and
> VM. It would be helpful if you include the contents of the following tables:
> -computer
> -vmhost
> -vmprofile
> -Andy
> My LinuxHAList wrote:
>> Hi Roger,
>> I'm working towards the same thing.
>> The docs I found are at:
>> 1)
>> 2) /usr/local/vcl/lib/VCL/Module/Provisioning/esx.README
>> I'm not aware of other docs.
>> Thanks
>> On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 8:43 AM, Roger Herling <>
>> wrote:
>>> We are running the 2.1 code and have gotten bare metal installs working
>>> with
>>> xCat I would like to explore using vmware but there is no documentation
>>> on
>>> the setup that I can find can anyone help?
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>>> Marist College
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