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I've asked about this before, and didn't get a lot of response, but licensing issues are turning out to be a major issue in our VCL pilot project, so I would be interested in talking to anyone who can share licensing details of software that is being provided to students in a VCL environment.

We are finding that software vendors understand the VCL concept. In general, licenses allow the software to run on university owned machines, so it's legal to run in a VM. Where some vendors have problems is providing access to this software from student (or any machines not owned by the university) machines. Some vendors don't have a problem with this, but some tell us that this is not allowed. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me - it's not a problem for a student to access the VCL from a university owned PC in a lab, but is a problem for the student to access the VCL from a machine owned by a student?

The vendors would be happy to sell us additional licenses to allow us to allow students to access the VCL from the student’s personal machine, but this would add a lot to the cost of a full scale VCL implementation, so we would like to learn more about licensing at other places that have implemented a VCL to check with what vendors are telling us. If you have a licensing manager who would be willing to talk to our licensing manager, please send me contact info.

Do I understand correctly when I say that you do not have a licensing problem installing the core VCL, VCL-2.1 as distributed from the Apache Software Foundation, but have discovered licensing issues w/ subsequent vendor specific add-ons?


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