No actually this is with the various software applications like SAS, Office, Adobe that are installed within the VCL environments. The environments that VCL provisions consist of an OS(windows,linux, etc) plus some set of applications, then a user (such as a student) request use of that environment through VCL web interface. Some windows based application vendors have a hard time understanding that the application is running remotely on hardware owned by said University or business, and not on the end-user's machine.


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I've asked about this before, and didn't get a lot of response, but licensing issues are turning out to be a major issue in our VCL pilot project, so I would be interested in talking to anyone who can share licensing details of software that is being provided to students in a VCL environment. We are finding that software vendors understand the VCL concept. In general, licenses allow the software to run on university owned machines, so it's legal to run in a VM. Where some vendors have problems is providing access to this software from student (or any machines not owned by the university) machines. Some vendors don't have a problem with this, but some tell us that this is not allowed. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me - it's not a problem for a student to access the VCL from a university owned PC in a lab, but is a problem for the student to access the VCL from a machine owned by a student? The vendors would be happy to sell us additional licenses to allow us to allow students to access the VCL from the student’s personal machine, but this would add a lot to the cost of a full scale VCL implementation, so we would like to learn more about licensing at other places that have implemented a VCL to check with what vendors are telling us. If you have a licensing manager who would be willing to talk to our licensing manager, please send me contact info.

Do I understand correctly when I say that you do not have a licensing problem installing the core VCL, VCL-2.1 as distributed from the Apache Software Foundation, but have discovered licensing issues w/ subsequent vendor specific add-ons?



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