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I am trying to setup testing environment on one virtual machine to check out 
VCL and more clearly understand how it works, but I find documentation not that 

First of all, Only PHP 5.0 - 5.2 might work, PHP 5.3 have some deprecated 
functions removed and VCL website does not work properly.

There was a note that you should never add computer with "maintenance" state, 
but VCL website says, that's all VM can only be added in "maintenance" state.

Next thing there is not such Provisioning Engine as "VMWare Server 
Provisioning", only VMWare ESX or VMWare Server GSX. And I would like to use 
VMWare Server 1.0.X version.

When going to "New Reservation" after DB, Website and VCLD is running I get 
error in ./ht-inc/requests.php (line 148) and some full array is printed.  
(This problem:

Maybe someone could via IM help me out to set VCL testing environment?

Thanks in advance,

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