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On Thursday June 03, 2010, My LinuxHAList wrote:


> I'm following the step of
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/VCL/Granting+Access+to+a+New+Im
> age
>     So, I did Step 1.1 -> Making "No Apps(Linux)" part of allImages
> and allVMImages;
>                  Step 1.2 -> Making {allImages,allVMImages} to belong
> to "{allComputers,newImages,newVMImages}
>                  Step 2.{1,2,3} -> It seems that admin already has all
> the privileges
>      I have questions on Step 2.4. Step 2.4 says that "Make sure the
> image group in which you placed in the image in #1 of Image mapping is
> available at this node".
>      Q: Is Step 2.4 asking to look at Resources section under the
> "Privileges" section to see if "allImages" are marked "Available"


>      Q: SImilarly, is Step 2.5 asking to look at Resources section
> under the "Privileges" section to see if "allComputers" are marked
> "Available"

>      Q: Please see attached screen shot.
>           Under "Privileges" screen, somehow, under "Resources"
> section, allManagementNodes row appears to not have the
>           rows rendered (attached will show that the
> "allManagementNodes" row aren't rendered now.
>           I let my mouse hover on "allManagementNodes" and got what it
> might be the clues in the yellow block.
> Currently, when I tried to make a "New Reservation" of "No
> Apps(Linux)" for now, it would say "Selection not currently
> available".
> Ultimately, I wish to be able to create a new reservation for image
> that has been captured (if indeed it has been captured)
> Thanks.

This indicates there is a problem with how your management node is entered in 
to VCL.  When you click 
Management Nodes->Edit Management Node Information->Submit, do you see any 
management nodes?  If not, make sure you follow steps 15 to 26 at


If you do see a management node, please send the contents of the 
managementnode and resource tables.

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