I have a ESXi host (computer.id=1); I have an image [ No Apps(Linux) ]
which was successfully captured (I think).
I tried to make Reservation using the "now" button, it says "Selection
currently not available"; then I clicked the "View Time Table", no
computers show up.

The ESXi host is in vmhostinuse state (which is state.id=20) -- which
ESXi host needs to be in.

I'm assuming that my ESXi host is supposed to show up on I hit the
"View Time Table" if I intend it to be able to run "No Apps (Linux)".
Is this true ?

With ESXi host in the state of vmhostinuse, I don't think it will ever
show up, because the state.id=20.
Here are the code snippets:
                        if($computer_platformids[$id] != $platformid ||
                           ($computerData[$id]["stateid"] != 2 &&
                                $computerData[$id]["stateid"] != 3 &&
                                $computerData[$id]["stateid"] != 6 &&
                                $computerData[$id]["stateid"] != 8) ||
                           $computerData[$id]["ram"] <
$imageData[$imageid]["minram"] ||
                           $computerData[$id]["procnumber"] <
$imageData[$imageid]["minprocnumber"] ||
                           $computerData[$id]["procspeed"] <
$imageData[$imageid]["minprocspeed"] ||
                           $computerData[$id]["network"] <
$imageData[$imageid]["minnetwork"] ||
                           ! in_array($id, $mappedcomputers)) {

I could have completely misunderstood what "View Time Table" should show.
I'm expecting the time tables to show ESXi host(s) that are able to
run "No Apps (Linux)".

If I'm wrong, what is "View Time Table" designed to show ?


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