Okay, I am following

a) Step "Configure the VM host profile:" is not possible. To manage virtual
hosts you must change computer state to "vmhostinuse". Otherwise you get
this message after pressing "Virtual Hosts":

You do not have access to manage any existing virtual hosts.

To create a new Virtual Host, change the state of a computer to
'vmhostinuse' under Manage Computers->Computer Utilities.

The next step is to change localvmhost to "vmhostinuse" state, but by using
database, which does not enable Virtual Host. Only by assinging localvmhost
to "vmhostinuse" using web tools, enabled Virtual Host.

b) Very little information in last step (privileges tree). First of all
there are no such resource group as "all vm guest images", even if it would
be created what should be assigned to it? What kind of permissions should be
given, mostly possible, all?

c) What about images location? I have running DB, Web, VCLD. All running
fine. I can connect to VMWare Windows XP via ssh, vcl.key was generated
fine. As I understand I should put somwhere VMWare image files that VCLD
could find them, don't I? (Using VMWare Server GSX 1.0.X)

d) Don't know if this is a bug, but I can't change computers IP via web. It
always returns old IP after change.

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