Currentimage.txt is a simple unique identifier used by vcld to determine what image is loaded on any node, outside of the hypervisor or provisioning module. Since vcl can use more than one provisioning source, this identifier needs to exist.


On 7/12/10 12:23 AM, Clifton B Wood wrote:
Of course, now I am a little confused. Why rely on
currentimage.txt, when VCL queries the hypervisor not much
later and can get that same information?

2010-07-12 00:07:34|2568|154:157|new||VM info
command: /opt/vcl/bin/apps/vm/ --server 'vmware2' --
vmname host14 --username vcl --password ##########
2010-07-12 00:07:36|2568|154:157|new||VM info
|2568|154:157|new| Information of Virtual Machine host14
|2568|154:157|new| Name: host14
|2568|154:157|new| No. of CPU(s): 1
|2568|154:157|new| Memory Size: 1024
|2568|154:157|new| Virtual Disks: 1
|2568|154:157|new| Template: 0
|2568|154:157|new| vmPathName: [VCL]
|2568|154:157|new| Guest OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
|2568|154:157|new| guestId: winXPProGuest
|2568|154:157|new| Host name: vcl-winxp-base.Engineering.soe
|2568|154:157|new| IP Address:
|2568|154:157|new| VMware Tools: VMware Tools is running and
the version is current
|2568|154:157|new| Cpu usage: 12 MHz
|2568|154:157|new| Host memory usage: 459 MB
|2568|154:157|new| Guest memory usage: 61 MB
|2568|154:157|new| Overall Status: The entity is OK

It would see to me that this could be a secondary validation
as this step happens right before the power-off command is

Nevertheless, I will follow your advice and update our images
to insure the right image name is in currentimage.txt


- Cliff


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Virtual Computing Lab
NC State University

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