Gregory Duhon writes:
> Is the VCL/GSX environment appropriate for running Flash or AutoCAD?

  It depends.

  The VCL cpu sends to your local screen via RDP over the network.  RDP
has limitations on how fast it goes, and then there can be network
performance issues.  The recommendation is that the network connection
between the user and the VCL be "broadband" - but that covers a wide

  Another factor is what is being sent to the screen.  There is a huge
difference between a static AutoCAD drawing - even a complex one - and a
dynamic/moving drawing.  Ditto for Flash which can vary from a static or
slowly moving presentation to a truly dynamic one where all the pixels
are changing all the time.

  Since you are virtualizing the blade, there is also a question of cpu
and video circuitry loading due to the other guest images.

> We are experiencing poor performance and difficulty tuning the system
> for improved performance.

  My suggestion is that you start by "partitioning the problem" and
trying to see which one or more of the above items has an effect or can
be disregarded when looking at performance.
--henry schaffer

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