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Have you looked at the vmware console to see if the image will boot?

I'm using vcl 2.2 and esxi 4.1, and I had an issue loading up a 64 bit
centos image. It wouldn't start up because the hardware settings in vmx
file created by vcl didn't match the settings I used when created the
image. In partilcular, I had to use 'LSI logic parallel' for the hard
drive driver, and e1000 for the nic, when I created the image.

Hope this helps,


On 10/7/2010 12:26 PM, John Ma wrote:
> Hello,
> I successfully captured the image from a linux vm in ESXi 4.1, thank you
> Andy. But I couldn't find a way to reload/deploy it to other vm guests.
> I have found that the image is captured and stored at two locations:
>   1) at management node:
> /images/vmware_images/vmwarelinux-centos_image1011-v0/vmwarelinux-centos_image1011-v0-flat.vmdk
>   2) at ESXi datastore:
> /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/vmwarelinux-centos_image1011-v0/vmwarelinux-centos_image1011-v0.vmdk
> VCL web interface also shows the new image 'centos_image10' under
> Image_Manager => Image_Profiles. Strangely the original vm guest was
> deleted from ESXi datastore by VCL. I don't worry about that too much at
> this moment.
> I tried different settings when deploying the new image and they all
> failed somehow. Attached is a cut from /var/log/vcld.log, hopefully I
> can get some quick help from more experienced eyes.
> Thanks,
> John Ma
> sys admin
> Marist College
> From:        Andy Kurth <andy_ku...@ncsu.edu>
> To:        vcl-user@incubator.apache.org
> Date:        10/06/2010 04:27 PM
> Subject:        Re: VCL2.2 + ESXi4.1
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> It looks like you need to add the entry for your VM to the /etc/hosts
> file on
> the management node:
> centos
> Once this is added, manually run the nmap command that failed on the
> management
> node to make sure it will work before reattempting the image capture:
> /usr/bin/nmap centos -P0 -p 24 -T Aggressive
> Also verify that you can ssh from the management node to this VM using
> its hostname:
> ssh -i <path to identity key> centos
> The 'vcld -setup' utility has already added all of the necessary entries
> to the
> database for the new image and imaging reservation.  When the capture
> process
> failed, the VCL request (request.id = 14) was left in the database and
> its state
> was changed to 'maintenance' (request.stateid = 10). To restart the image
> capture process, all you need to do is change request.stateid back to the
> 'image' state (request.stateid = 16) and your running vcld daemon should
> restart
> the process.  You don't need to run 'vcld -setup' again.
> There is currently no web interface or utility to change the request
> state so it
> will have to be done manually to the database.  You'll probably want to
> install
> phpmyadmin if you haven't done so already.  The statement to update the
> request
> state:
> update request set stateid = 16 where id = 14;
> The VCL daemon will begin processing the imaging request again within a few
> seconds.  Run 'tail -f /var/log/vcld.log' before executing the SQL
> statement to
> watch the progress.
> Hope this helps,
> Andy
> John Ma wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am new to VCL. Having spent two days trying to get VCL2.2 working with
>> ESXi4.1 but failed, I decided to ask for help.
>> Does anyone have a success story with ESXi4? I am using the licensed ESXi
>> and have vSphere SDK for perl 4.1 installed. What I am trying to achieve
>> is 1)to capture a generic linux image from one of the vm guests and 2) to
>> deploye/load it to multiple guests, all the guest running on the same
>> ESXi4.1 host. I think I don't need xCAT, so it's not installed.
>> Attached is the script log from one of my attempts to capture image by
>> 'vlcd -setup'.
>> Thanks,
>> John Ma
>> sys admin
>> Marist College

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