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If any of your are going to EDUCAUSE 2010 this year, stop by our VCL friends from GMU and CSU.


Alternatives to Traditional Campus Computing Labs

Declining budgets exacerbate IT's inability to provide effective
services to our students. In this challenging fiscal climate, George
Mason University is managing a declining budget through the innovative
use of virtual technologies. The replacement of select computer labs
with virtual facilities allows Mason to maintain vital services while
reducing costs

Speaker: Sharon P. Pitt
Executive Director, Division of Instructional Technology

Then there is a Poster:

The Sky Is Falling: Time to Build a Cloud
Speaker(s): Chris Olsen, Lee Thompson, Henry E. Schaffer
1:30pm - 2:30pm (Hall A/B, Table 51)
Poster Session - Leadership

During an unprecedented financial crisis, the CSU system seized the
opportunity to leverage the NCSU VCL project to create a cloud
infrastructure, leapfrogging into the future and allowing the CSU to
dramatically increase service to students through a virtual computing
lab while enabling faculty to use the same cyberinfrastructure for
research. vcl.calstate.edu, vcl.ncsu.edu




Aaron Peeler
Program Manager
Virtual Computing Lab
NC State University

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