I don't think it will necessarily cause performance problems. The duplicate computer names will prevent netbios name resolution from working which may not even be used/required in most images. The duplicate names do cause errors appear in the event log and possibly on the console because of netbios. The errors can be suppressed by disabling netbios. More info is available here:

There is actually code in VCL to disable netbios but it isn't being called at the current time. I'm thinking when the feature is added to separate the Sysprep and computer renaming settings that netbios should be automatically disabled if the computer name isn't changed.


Kelly Robinson wrote:
Andy, Will the computer name not changing cause performance problems? I've noticed that a message stating "Duplicate Name exists on the network" shows on the vm when you view it through ESXi, which leads me to wonder if this is an issue.

Andy Kurth <andy_ku...@ncsu.edu> 10/19/10 4:25 PM >>>
Currently, the computer name is only changed if Sysprep is enabled.  I would
like to add the ability to control whether or not the name gets changes
independent from Sysprep and created an issue a few weeks ago:


Kelly Robinson wrote:
At what point in the provisioning of the vm does the netbios name get changed 
for each vm?  I've noticed that the our vms are retaining the netbios name of 
the base image.  I see in the code that there is a script called 
set_computer_name.vbs that works if you have wsname.exe in place (which we do), 
but the computer is supposed to get a random name even if this the wsname.exe 
utility is not available.  What could be the possible issue?


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