I'm not sure if you have come across this page. I wrote it up a few weeks ago:


The error doesn't appear to be the result of a misconfigured VM profile. It is failing to create an object connected to the VM host. I'm wondering if this is intermittent because the log output you included isn't at the very beginning of the load process, and other tasks must have completed successfully earlier.

Are you still having trouble? If so, please include all of the log output for the failed reservation.

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On 10/22/2010 3:33 PM, John Ma wrote:

I run into an issue when trying to reload a windows 2008 image with
VCL2.2/ESXi 4.1. See the attached vcld.log for the error text. I think
it's because I didn't set the parameters right on the profile for VMware
ESX host, screen capture attached.

Could someone give me a short description of the three paths there:
Repository Path, Datastore Path and VM Path?


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