Please include the vcld.log output.

Mauricio Cesar Ramirez Torres wrote:
Hi, I'm working in a RHEL 5.5 VCL 2 VMware Server 2 Local Storage, all this is installed in the same server (Dell Power Edge R510) 2 NIC's, all was installed with the manual instructions, seemingly all is fine, but when I try to make a reservation status remains pending until the period ends the reservation and in the statistics shows that the reservation was never used.

When I click on the "pending" state shows the detail of reservation status and the time consumed by each task and the last item shown is ready to connect and do not know what to do to determine what is happening.

In an earlier attempt had failed received emails when creating the reservation, but now I don't receive it and I think the settings are the same.

Can someone help me identify my error.

Thanks in advance.



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