Correct. Users are always in the Users and Remote Desktop Users groups. Users are by default also added to the Administrators group unless administrative access is disabled. VCL does not do anything regarding the Power Users group. There hasn't been a need AFAIK. More elaborate Windows group management could be added. Please discuss if this would be useful.


On 1/4/2011 10:00 AM, Kelly Robinson wrote:
So this doesn't allow the user to operate as a power user?  If the user is not 
selected to be part of the administrators group, are they only part of the RDP 


Andy Kurth<>  12/16/2010 3:01:21 PM>>>
This is controlled via the setting:
Manage Images - Edit Image Profiles - Edit - Users have administrative
access: Yes/No

imagemeta_rootaccess refers to the rootaccess column in the imagemeta table.

This only controls whether or not the users will be added to the
Administrators group.


On 12/16/2010 2:14 PM, Hartl, Gerhard L. wrote:
What is the best method to enter users into the power users or users
group instead of the Administrators Group?

I found the section of code where:

if (defined($imagemeta_rootaccess)&&  $imagemeta_rootaccess eq '0') {

notify($ERRORS{'DEBUG'}, 0, "user will NOT be added to the
Administrators group");

Where is imagemeta_rootaccess defined?



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