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On Thursday January 06, 2011, fengxiujie_sjtu wrote:
> Hi ,list
>      It's my great honour to contact with all of you guys.Recently, I have
> shown great interest on VCL and have spent a lot of time on installing VCL
> for academic research.However ,though the documentation of VCL were well
> organized and the ideas were clearly delivered,I am still have some
> trouble making VCL to work correctly. I wonder if you can help me with 
> the following questions.
> 1, I have followed the  "VCL Install Guide "as link
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/VCL/Documentation described
> step by step while installing VCL ,however , I could not manage the vm
> hosts and vms through the web interface when I finished " Database
> Configuration","Web Code Installation ","Management Node Installation ".I
> want to know how VCL management node interact with ESX hosts .I find the
> function “vcl can auto create vm on esxi and delete vm on esxi ”,but I DID
> NOT find any detail  Documentation about it .

Do you remember where you found information saying that VCL can auto create 
VMs?  It does not currently do that.  If there is documentation somewhere 
stating that, it needs to be corrected.

To use VMs with VCL, you need to first add VM host computers using Manage 
Computers->Edit Computer Information->Add.  Then, you need to add VMs using 
the same mechanism.  Finally, you need to go to Virtual Hosts and add the VMs 
to the VM hosts.  Currently, VCL does not manage placement of VMs on VM hosts 
automatically.  That is something we will add in a future release.

> 2, I wonder if you can give a document about how to use VCL via Web
> interface or other methods , as most of the VCL documents are about  how
> to install it.

We definitely need to work on documentation in lots of areas.  There is some 
documentation on using VCL.  The best place to look is to just browse the list 
of pages in the wiki:



>  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
> yours,
> Xiujie Feng
> 2011-01-05
> fengxiujie_sjtu

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