There was no official release of VCL 2.0 from ASF.  That was the transition 
point at which we moved code from NCSU to ASF.  You can get it from subversion 
though, because we tagged it when we did the initial checkin at ASF.

svn export


On Thursday January 13, 2011, John Ma wrote:
> Hi,
> I need the official release of VCL 2.0 to calculate the diff with a
> customized version, so I can know the exact changes and re-apply the
> customization to VCL 2.2. But 2.0 is nowhere to be found.
> Does anyone know the URL to download VCL 2.0? Or if you are the lucky one
> still have the original tar, please send me a copy.
> Thanks in advance,
> John Ma
> Marist College
Josh Thompson
VCL Developer
North Carolina State University

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