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Currently, out of the box, VCL only supports VMware for it's the
virtualization (using VMware's Perl SDK).

There have been a few members of this list who have gotten
VirtualBox and KVM to work (Using their own custom modules).

The next release of VCL may include support for 'libvirt'(libvirt.org).
Libvirt currently supports Xen, Qemu, KVM, LXC, OpenVZ,User Mode Linux,
VirtualBox, and VMware. (It has bindings for Perl, Java, PHP, Python,
and Ruby)

Btw, many Linux systems already have 'libvirt' bundled (RedHat, CentOS,
Debian, Ubuntu, etc) But, the windows port is still experimental.

So, unless that Citrix or Microsoft VDI support libvirt, I kind of
doubt they'll be supported any time soon.

If there were a Perl SDK for them, someone may be able to build a
custom module for them.

Hope this helps,


On 1/13/2011 9:21 AM, Hechler, Adam wrote:
> Thank you,
> What I was curious about is whether or not anyone is using Citrix
> XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI/System Center or anything else?
> Does VCL only work with VMWare products? 
> Thanks,
> Adam
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> VCL can also use ESXi with a free license.
> Josh
> On Thursday January 13, 2011, Hicham Gibet Tani wrote:
>>>> Hello Adam,
>>>> The VCL uses VMware Server which is a free release.
>>>> Good luck.
>>>> Cordially,
>>>> GIBET TANI Hicham

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