James writes:
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> For most part the VCL works really well. (I've heard that at NCSU
> they've replaced almost all the computer labs with VCL)

  We've stopped adding computer labs a few years ago even through
student enrollment has been growing, we've significantly lengthened the
computer lab equipment refresh time, and we've just started on a path of
closing down labs.

  I expect that we'll retain some of the general use labs.  Our
specialized labs - such as the ones where the computer equipment is
modified as part of the course work - will remain.

> The only problem I've run into is that the remote desktop screen doesn't
> keep up if you are using high end graphics, or full motion
> video(ie. flash). 

  Intermediate level graphics such as Flash animations work well. An
intricate 3D drawing in SolidWorks will look fine - but spin it *fast*
and you'll likely get some video artifacts - which will heal as soon as
the spin slows down and stops.

> The research I've down seems to indicate the problem
> is with the RDP protocol used by windows remote desktop. There are many
> alternatives to windows remote desktop. I just haven't had time to try
> them yet.

  I keep on hearing hopeful things, but haven't seen anything concrete.
Please keep us in the loop if you find something promising.

--henry schaffer

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