Dear Josh,

Thank you very much for the quick response. 

The installation guide I was following mentioned to use a VM (version 1.6 to be 
more specific), quite out-dated I am sure, but I was thinking it was the 
official approach. And I could not find any other documentation on how to 
install it from scratch. I keep getting errors in all documentation links I 
follow from the official  site (

Do you know if I have any place where I could find such kind of up-to-dated 
documentation? Or if it is possible to have an installation guide, even if it 
a draft? I installed a "loosely coupled" scenario where I managed to install 
the required components (web-frontend, db, etc., etc.) in two blades - one as 
mgt node and the other as a host. But when I came down to the time where 
I create a new reservation... it always misses available resources (db data 
relationship problem or bad VCL db costumization, I guess), even if I pick any 
future resource available date (green slot).

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There is no current VCL appliance.  The only one that ever existed is quite 
old and was not officially released from ASF but was made available by someone 
that was part of the community at that time.


On Saturday January 29, 2011, Sergio Oliveira wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to install a VCL test environment in a Portuguese university
> and was following the Apache offcial documentation for the installation
> process. My problem is that I cannot find any available link (even by
> torrents approach) where I could download a VCL VM appliance.
> Could someone provide some guidance/link on how to get such a (recent
> version) appliance?
> Thank you very much in advance,
> Sérgio.
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