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I don't think anyone has tried something like that.  It might be doable, but a 
little tricky, if only using VMs.  I don't think it would work if you wanted 
to do bare metal installs.  The main gotcha would be handling the VCL private 
network.  VCL uses a private network to push images around control the nodes 
(both VM hosts and VMs).  Typically, VCL is set up with all machines having 
two NICs.  We have set it up with machines having only one NIC, but you have 
to do a few extra things to make that work.

We'd like to get to the point of only requiring one NIC in each machine with 
the goal of being able to just take some old lab machines and run a VCL 
cluster on them so that the barrier to entry of using VCL would be much lower.  
However, there are some other things that are taking a higher priority right 
now; so, it may be a while before we can get to that.

If you're really interested in trying out this hosted solution, let us know 
more of what networking options are available and what kind of control you get 
over DHCP.  Then, we may be able to tell you what you'd need to do to set it 

There's also a consortium of colleges and universities that have some kind of 
contracted out VCL service.  I don't know much about it other than what I've 
read on their blog (http://labstor.blogspot.com/), but that might be something 
else to look in to.


On Monday January 31, 2011, Hechler, Adam wrote:
> Has anyone ever tried running (or even tested) a VCL using a hosted
> back-end server solution? I've been asked to look into whether or not a
> service like this would be acceptable for a VCL test environment.  The
> specific service I was asked to look at was at 1&1
> (http://order.1and1.com/xml/order/CloudDynamicServer;jsessionid=7C845EF3FD
> 688FF8D42BD7F1B4D822DC.TCpfix141a?__frame=_top&__lf=Order-Tariff&linkOrigin
> =CloudDynamicServer&linkId=hd.nav.domains)
> Has anyone even investigated this option?
> Adam
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