Thanks Josh. 

Has anyone else looked into this at all? 


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> Adam,
> I don't think anyone has tried something like that.  It might be
doable, but a
> little tricky, if only using VMs.  I don't think it would work if you
> to do bare metal installs.  The main gotcha would be handling the VCL
> network.  VCL uses a private network to push images around control the
> nodes
> (both VM hosts and VMs).  Typically, VCL is set up with all machines
> two NICs.  We have set it up with machines having only one NIC, but
> have
> to do a few extra things to make that work.
> We'd like to get to the point of only requiring one NIC in each
machine with
> the goal of being able to just take some old lab machines and run a
> cluster on them so that the barrier to entry of using VCL would be
> lower.
> However, there are some other things that are taking a higher priority
> now; so, it may be a while before we can get to that.
> If you're really interested in trying out this hosted solution, let us
> more of what networking options are available and what kind of control
> get
> over DHCP.  Then, we may be able to tell you what you'd need to do to
set it
> up.
> There's also a consortium of colleges and universities that have some
kind of
> contracted out VCL service.  I don't know much about it other than
what I've
> read on their blog (, but that might be
> something
> else to look in to.
> Josh
> On Monday January 31, 2011, Hechler, Adam wrote:
> > Has anyone ever tried running (or even tested) a VCL using a hosted
> > back-end server solution? I've been asked to look into whether or
not a
> > service like this would be acceptable for a VCL test environment.
> > specific service I was asked to look at was at 1&1
> >
> (;jsessionid=7C845E
> F3FD
> > 688FF8D42BD7F1B4D822DC.TCpfix141a?__frame=_top&__lf=Order-
> Tariff&linkOrigin
> > =CloudDynamicServer&
> >
> > Has anyone even investigated this option?
> >
> > Adam
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