Please include the vcld.log output. There are a few reasons why the connection may fail. It could be an incorrect URL, incorrect username/password, or the version of the SDK installed on the management node isn't compatible with the version on the VM host. I may be able to tell based on the log output.


On 2/2/2011 6:30 PM, Mauricio César Ramírez Torres wrote:
Good day, I have a problem with VCL 2.2 using VMWare ESXi 4.0 with SDK
4, basically trying to create a base image says that the SDK can not
connect to VMWare server, but do not know how I can prove it is possible
to connect to ESXi with the SDK. someone tell me how to prove?.

I also want to know if any of you would be interested in supporting me
to finish my installation properly, and if you are interested please say
as it would be the approximate cost.

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