Take a look at the file
\managementnode\lib\VCL\Module\Provisioning\esx.readme under the install
folder. It may shed some light.
You need to set the datastore in your profile under Virtual Hosts. You
can create an nfs storage in vmware  and point to that folder.

Martin Malinics
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malin...@coatesville.k12.pa.us>>> Mauricio César Ramírez
Torres<mrami...@cft.com.mx> 2/10/2011 7:27 PM >>>
In the Virtual Host section I select the profile VMWare ESX - local
storage and in the path to the VM's wrote / vmfs/volumes/datastore1 /
but when creating a new base image on the process of determining if
exist  *. vmdk an Error ocurrs

|image|VMware.pm:does_image_exist(2963)|failed to determine if file
exists in repository :
find: /vmfs/volumes/datastore1: No such file or directory

2 questions here I come, why the name of the *. vmdk is altered, since
the actual name does not include the "-v0" adding at the end nor the
beginning vmwarewinxp? at the same time indicates that datastore path
not valid? which is the correct way you use to set the datastore? I'm
using VMWare ESXi v. 4.0 and VCL v 2.2

thanks in advance.


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